Your account is restricted to only 1 session per IP address per username. If other logins are identified from more than 1 IP address for the same username our system will automatically
lock your account.

To avoid any interruption during the Live-Stream event, Please avoid sharing your user name & password.

5Star Live Entertainment LLC do not accept E-Checks

Live-Stream Events are subject to Change.

Strictly No Refunds Will Be Issued, Unless We Deem Appropriate


All Sales are final and there will be NO REFUNDS, unless we cancel the live-stream event. Any other disputes need to be in writing and emailed to 5starliveva@gmail.com Decision will be
made within 48 hours.

Typically the following situations will not qualify for a refund.

  1. If the buyer uses an unsupported web browser
  2. If the buyer has technical problems accessing their email.
  3. if the buyer’s account is restricted due to using multiple IP address’s per username..
  4. If the buyer purchased the event and did not get to watch it. (They can always watch the re-stream of the event which should be available within hours of the end of the Live-Stream event.

For any questions, concerns or technical issues please contact our Virtual Assistant at 5starliveva@gmail.com or 800-717-1295

Piracy Notice
Every video is forensically watermarked to identify the location of buyer. Unlawful duplication is aggressively pursued by appropriate federal authorities to the fullest extent of the law.